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Discount card ePRUF

With the ePRUF card in our pharmacy you get on selected products high discounts up to 30% up to the limit values assigned to the card, the value of purchases, you can make with the card ePRUF. The amount of rebate and a limit on the card determines ePRUF sponsor, or institution that has refunded your purchases at the pharmacy. The sponsor also specifies a list of products that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Therefore, ePRUF cards can be very different. Starting from the cards related to the narrow range of products such as single manufacturer, in the cards covering the full products range of our pharmacy ending. Similarly, the amount of rebate and the limit, the sponsor may cover 10 or 15% of purchases for up to 100% of the amount they spend on drugs, and limit values can be determined on purchases of 10 or 20 PLN, 100 PLN or even more. If the value of purchases exceeds the available limit on the card, you can make payments by cash, credit card or Gift Card.

Where can I get a card ePRUF?

EPRUF card reaches you through the sponsor, because, as he decides how to distribute the cards. Most popular way is to attach the card to the press, both daily and weekly newspapers and monthly magazines as gifts for the readers, or send by mail, but not only. Depending on the assigned product range can be obtained at the dentist, the beauty salon, pharmacy, by taking part in presentations or as a gift as a Gift Card. Interested parties can also choose additional insurance card ePRUF.

Of all the planned emissions ePRUF cards we will keep on the home page
, in the news section, and of course in our pharmacy. We invite you, because you really should take the opportunity and become a ePRUF card holder.

ePRUF Gift Card

And if you want to make a gift, consider the ePRUF Gift Card. ePRUF Gift Card is a unique gift for your loved ones. Expresses concern about what is most precious to all of us - caring for health. The card has a specified value and authorizes the purchase of the entire range available in the pharmacy.

Give the ePRUF card

Gift Card ePRUF is an excellent, modern and elegant alternative to gifts in kind. It is a great gift idea for many occasions and for everyone. ePRUF Gift card purchases can be made repeatedly until the use of all assigned to the card limit. Card can not be exchanged for cash. Gift Card ePRUF you can now order online.

ePRUF cards
Other properties

EPRUF card must not be used once. You can purchase it several times until the use of limit values. EPRUF card can not be exchanged for cash. EPRUF card is not assigned to the holder. You can purchase it on the bearer.


Secure ePRUF card transaction is via terminals to payment cards. The draging the card in terminal reader and entering the corresponding amount of sales, is followed by authorization of transactions in the system. When finished, the terminal generates a printout, on which the transaction amount and the value of which still can be used for subsequent purchases.


Expiration date, or date by which you can make purchases using the card ePRUF was determined by Sponsor. Information about the expiration date you received with the card. After a certain date determined by Sponsor, the card can not be used.

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