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To offer our patients the best loyalty program we joined the network of independent pharmacies under the brand name Dbam o Zdrowie (I Care about Health). With the Opieka Farmaceutyczna (Pharmaceutical Care) program card, on all your purchases in our pharmacy collect pluses, which then can be exchanged for great prizes, and unique special offers will save you a lot.


Patients who sign up for the pharmaceutical services are able to enjoy many privileges exclusive to them.
Safe treatment. The pharmaceutical services include easy access to drugs and also to the necessary information and advice, developed by professionals with a view of the expectations and needs of patients. Under the program, participants receive - alongside the traditional form of help offered by the pharmacists in pharmacies - able to:

  • receive brochures, catalogs and books that can be collected at a pharmacy or by mail, on health, pharmacology, products available in pharmacies;

  • benefit from individual advice and guidance - completing the survey and entering your e-mail address and telephone number, the participant can benefit from advice given by correspondence, on issues important to his or her health. In particular, the information about adverse interactions, side effects resulting from the use of drugs and the possibility of using substitutes as well as additional benefits of participation in the Program.

Online system of pharmaceutical care. An important element of the Programme is to provide participants a rich and extensive site devoted to health. Www.opiekafarmaceutyczna.com site offers selected and checked reviews and information on drugs, medication and prevention. It is also a pharmacist to ask a question and get answers by e-mail.
A direct relationship with the patient. The conversation with the patient, care and attention he devoted to, guarantees the security and adapt the offer to your needs.
Savings. Participation in the program of pharmaceutical care are also many opportunities to save and reduce treatment costs by:

  • use of substitutes - the pharmacies participating in the Program Participant will learn among other things, whether the chosen drug can be converted to another of the same composition and action, but at a lower price, the replacement is also a way to continue treatment in a situation where a drug is not available . Information on alternatives also provide consultants on Freephone Helpline Program: 800-278-354;

  • price reductions of products available without a prescription or not-refundable medications;

  • discounts on selected products that are listed in the Program Reference Guide (4.4.). Making purchases at pharmacies in the Program is associated with a reduction in additional products prices listed in the Handbook Program. Discounts can be obtained eg applying the following principles:

- For every 5 PLN spent on products (not refunded) the program participant will receive a plus;
- Accumulated pluses entitle you to take advantage of the discount, so that the product from the Guide Program costs 1 PLN - the price of each product to the Program Handbook is a sufficient number of pluses + 1 PLN;
- Purchases of products of special offers brings a greater number of pluses
- So that patients can buy more products with a discount of the Guide Program, paying only 1 PLN for each.

* Free participation. Participation in the program is free and all patients are invited to the program.

Pharmaceutical Care program card
About the Program Opieka Farmacuetyczna

Pharmaceutical care is a bonus program that allows you automatically get more when shopping at a pharmacy. Just pick the pluses by showing your pharmaceutical care card when you buy in a pharmacy. So you can replace the pluses gained for great prizes. Additionally, thanks to unique promotions, you'll save a lot!

Dbam o Zdrowie

Dbam o Zdrowie Progarm has been finalized taken points can be changed to prizes or transfer to Opieka Farmaceutyczna - pharmaceutical care program card.


The program APTEKA1 was terminated learn more

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